Thursday, January 31, 2008

Plenty of Hulu Invites To The Private Beta

Sorry everyone, the original Hulu invites are all gone. If you setup a Google Alert for, the newest provisioned invites will show up. If you want one soonder perhaps you'll find one here if more are being given away. There are 30 availabe through this link:

My original post is below:

Found these hulu invitations in Google:

1528 hulu invites:



It's amazing what you can find in Google just from poking around.


Google Docs And HTTPS (SSL)

Google docs now supports HTTPS. It's enabled for spreadsheets, presentations (powerpoint work-alike), and documents (writely). Previously you could enable https, but only on the domain (eg only in writely) , and only by typing the https URL directly. This is great news for anyone editing documents online. See the screenshot for proof.

google docs ssl certificate