Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check Email At Work Without Being Snooped - Managers & PHB's Reading Email

If you use gmail you can read your personal email at work without being snooped on. Just always visit the secure site, at  This prevents them from snooping on you if they read email on the network. Also if they block webmail most blocking firewalls and proxies will not block ssl secure sites, like the secure version of gmail. On the other hand if the individual computers have the spying software rather than at the network level they can still read whats being typed and/or see screenshots. Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing which method is used without violating company policies.

If you use hotmail, yahoo, or another webmail provider you can still use gmail in this secure way by setting up mail fetching and "sending email as another email address" under settings. Hotmail recently allowed POP3 access for all users including non-paying ones. Gmail recently has started using a service that connects to yahoo and a few other webmail providers to fetch your email to gmail from the other non-gmail address.

The reason for doing the above is that while yahoo and hotmail have secure logins they don't let you read your email securely, like gmail does.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hitman Pro "Early Warning Scoring

The early warning scoring could be used to identify files that need further scanning, eg by uploading to for further "in the cloud" analysis.

in reference to: Hitman Pro 3.5 - Early Warning Scoring - Reviews by PC Magazine (view on Google Sidewiki)

Monday, March 29, 2010

USPS Shipping Tracking/Order Through RSS and SMS (Text Mesage)

I am compiling a list of the options that USPS uses on their shipping tracking numbers. I remember a few years ago that the U.S. Postal Service would only show that the package was either delivered or shipped. Now they show a little bit more timely updates, such as when it reaches the destination cities' sort facility and leaves the origination cities' sort facility, as you can see below. I hope that "Processed through Sort Facility" this means it arrives today.

Processed through Sort Facility, Mar-28-10, 03:26 AM, [Destination Facility]
Processed through Sort Facility, [Origin City]

Electronic Shipping Info Received, [Origin City]

Package was tracked with the uber cool package tracker + (which sends me a text when the status is changed)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Have To Read This Website Right NOW!

Go and read the truth.

Also he has a blog, which hasn't had updates lately, probably because he's writing his dating guide, but nevertheless, it's an interesting read.

Friday, January 15, 2010

How-To Run Programs On FAT32/16 Drives As Another User

Flash drives come from the factory FAT-formatted. This is recommended for purposes of speed and extending the drives life, AFAIK. If you want to run a portable application (Eg. one that doesn't require installation) from an external or flash drive, and you use Windows in a multiple user mode as recommended by Microsoft (where you use the computer as a regular user and install programs and perform maintenance as the administrator account), you're stuck in a predicament. Programs stored on FAT file-systems are not able to run as a user with different credentials (which means as the admin in the case of certain utilities which require direct disk access, MyDefrag for example). It's Microsoft's fault for not backporting certain things to the File Allocation Table (couldn't they store the extra ntfs stream data or extant data inside a text file in each directory)?

A solution I've found is to place the shortcut on your Desktop or Start Menu and modify the shortcut's properties to run as a different user (go to right-click, properties, shortcut, Advanced,  and select "Run with different credentials"). In the case of working on someone elses computer you can create a batch file on the portable drive itself which has the runas command, eg "runas /user:administrator Mydefrag.exe scripts\OptimizeMonthy.Myd". That's it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Techreevu's Google Voicehub Can Dial Letters!

I couldn't remember the number for Slydial so I typed 267-slydial directly into the Google Voice Desktop-based dialer I use (now called VoiceHub, originally called Lev's Google Voice app???). And no, there's still no way to actually place calls through the Internet only unless you were one of the fortunate few who got a Gizmo5/Gizmo Project account before they were bought by Google, AFAIK. Dialing by letters doesn't work on the GV web interface, so apparently the Techreevu app is doing the conversion.

Should I keep these Google Voice related posts here or move them over to my Google Voice Fanatic Blog? What do the three readers of my blog think?