Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordze Memberships 25$ Temporarily

So I got this email from: Wordze

SMX Social Media Conference in NY is starting tomorrow, and while we are their talking to the pro’s about more ways to cook up crazy social marketing ideas to help you make even more money we are going to run a 2 day Wordze malfunction give away!

For the next 2 days ONLY at 10 minutes till 6pm EST USA, the Wordze signup page will malfunction and give away monthly memberships to Wordze for only $25 dollars a month!

This price has only been offered one time before, back when we first launch. As its getting close to our year anniversary, we thought it would be cool if we let Wordze malfunction and give away discounts on its own for a couple days while we are out of the office.

What this means for you is that you have the next 20 hours to get your customers all excited by telling them that Wordze is about to malfunction tomorrow at 10 minutes till 6pm, and watch them stack up and scramble to get in on our year anniversary launch pricing for 2 days only with your affiliate link.

Let me stress how important this is. At this point we are $35 a month, and with the Wordze v2 almost complete we will be going to our full price of $45 a month, so the $25 dollar deal is just plain nuts, so any new customers that wants to save money better get it in the next two days!

If by chance you’re going to be at SMX, and dont have time for this crazy deal, feel free to hit me up on the floor and Ill buy you a couple beers!