Friday, February 15, 2008

Does Google Understand Dialects?

I translated this email "NEW Wordze Google Database Offer!" with this site's jive translator.

Great news! Today we's iz happy ta announce da launch o' our free Google keyword download service at Wordze.

For da last month we's gots been downloading Google top terms an' storing dem into uh database fo' anyone ta download in an excel format.

As an affiliate o' Wordze ya can use dis here ta yo' advantage by posting da link ta da download form, an' picking up uh sale or two when dey join da newsletter ta download da database.

The database iz in real tyme, so it’s always updating an' getting mo' data. As I type dis here, we's gots over 90,000 top Google terms fo' yo' readers ta download. All dey gots ta do iz provide they first name, an' uh valid email address.

This offer will allow us ta he`p ya sell yo' customers into Wordze, as we's will be able ta send dem updates on other offers, an' deals dat we's run each month, including uh seminar dat we's will be holding online in uh couple months.

To tell ya readers about dis here offer, all ya gots ta do iz send dem to:!YzUxMgBVAAAU7EEAAY_m

Please remember ta change da roia= value ta yo' own affiliate roia code. We gots also added dis here option ta da affiliate link list, as we's plan ta continue ta support dis here service fo' uh while.

As always, we's wish ya da bomb o' luck, an' iz here ta he`p ya make money wiff Wordze!

The Wordze Team all ye damn hood ratz..

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Amazon stinks!

Has anyone else seen this "add to cart to see price" thing on Amazon?

Here's an example.

Perhaps they are trying to stop people price comparison shopping or using automated methods of downloading price lists. Either way it still seems fraudulent, or just plain BS.

Amazon's explanation says an additional discount is in effect, and this discount is calculated in the shopping cart. It still seems extremely shoddy, as in they are giving logged in people different prices based on what they've bought in the past. It seems this is called GROI, or gross return on inventory. It's still BS

Friday, February 1, 2008