Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Don't Use Yahoo! Web Services

Here's why: they are shutting down the Yahoo! Briefcase. If you're going to shut down a web service, why start it in the first place? Okay, I digress, Google shut down The Google SOAP Web Service, which a lot of SEO's and spammers liked very much. Although, to Google's credit, they closed it down to signups for new API keys, and to this day continue running the service for existing keys. Remember when Yahoo! shut down it's music store and took its DRM server with it? Although they rethought their actions and gave customers refunds, just the idea that they would consider shutting it down so quickly is scary. From a consumer/user standpoint it makes me trust them that much less. Make some good decisions for once Yang! Yahoo! is the Microsoft of the Internet Age. Why? Because everyone uses Yahoo! for no good reason other than they were there first.

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