Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Google Voice/Grandcentral Number/Business Cards iPrint Promo

I'm posting the the full html (minus my email and phone number) of the 'Google Voice Number Cards - powered by iPrint.com' landing page below since people are so curious what the page actually says as opposed to a screenshot.

Free Google number cards, powered by iPrint.com
Business Cards

Hand out your Google number
In celebration of the relaunch of GrandCentral as Google Voice we are giving away 50,000 sets of 25 Google number cards totally free. Yep, shipping, printing and everything is included. Have a little fun and show off your Google number.
Calling Personal Business
Layout Layout Layout
Layout Layout Layout
How it works:
1) Select one of three styles
2) Add the information you'd like on the card
3) Fill in your shipping and email information (iPrint will use this only for the purposes of confirming and sending you your cards)
4) Your personal Google number cards should come in 10-12 days

(Offer available to U.S. continental street addresses.)

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Here's a screenshot of what your Google Voice 'inbox' looks like with the promotional business card invitation:

Oh yeah, one more thing, Google Voice is great!