Wednesday, September 10, 2014

5,000,000 Gmail Usernames (The Hack)

Wondering if your gmail password was hacked? Download the complete list, rather than checking on (which might be a phishing site):!5FphCSiY!geIPHZauErsJqXYWq4u_5b5ta9-CrWqpJY58yiqwJeY
Here's the original post:
Number of records:4929090 update: 2014

At the base of> 60% of valid passwords

Here is lined full database without a password, only for personal checks, do not hit if your mailbox in it.
So it appears that it was already leaked elsewhere, and this was not the original leaker, but was the first public leak.
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Atlanta's endless concrete jungle

I wonder what is the furthest distance that one can drive in the greater Atlanta area by staying in parking lots. I would imagine its about a mile or so, with the endless strip malls that congeal into one giant megamall.

#suburban #wasteland #concretejungle