Thursday, December 4, 2014

Chromium Pepper Flash Plugin (PPAPI) Downloads

I was looking around with different versions of Chrome's Pepper Flash plugin, and decided to upload all the versions that I had laying around my laptop's hard drive. Even though Chromium Portable comes with a Pepper Flash plugin, it does not work by default without adding this parameter:


The launcher supports passing command-line parameters to the real chrome.exe. It also supports passing parameters on all other apps.

Here's the archive with all the different versions I was able to find. It has version 11.5, 13, 11.6, 11.4, 11.9, 12, and 16 beta. The Version.txt file in the downloaded archvie has the more exact version of Chrome that the Pepper Flash plugin came from.!AZZEiTaJ!4ip9bfNxf_QWsBxt6kPukXYYkMEnq51fZ4bzjzwDH98

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