Monday, February 16, 2015

Server Backup 2012 Error 0x80780119 (not enough disk space to create a Shadow Copy)

Here's a working fix for this issue,

  1. Open Computer.
  2. Right click the C drive (the active drive that contains the Windows system folder)
  3. Click the Shadow Copies tab
  4. Select the EFI volume and click settings
  5. Change the Maximum Size to be two or three times the size that is listed.
  6. If the Maximum Size is unlimited, try setting it to different values.
  7. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the Recovery Partition.
If you are still having trouble, then change the Shadow Copies storage area from itself to the C drive or another partition (preferably on the same disk or array), for both the Recovery and the EFI boot partition. This should also work for Windows 8.
Another possible but untested solution is to use AOMEI Partition Assistant to resize the Recovery Partition and the EFI partition to be two to three times larger.

Here's some background links:
  1. Disable WinRE (Open elevated command prompt and Run: “reagentc /disable”)
  2. Take system image backup
  3. Enable WinRE (Open elevated command prompt and Run: “reagentc /enable”)
You can write a batch file to run these commands via the scheduler for automation,

The "USN journal" fix does not work on 2012, since Windows Server 2012 does not allow you to assign the EFI or Recovery partitions a drive letter. But also I have not tinkered with diskpart to see if it's possible via the command-line.

Apparently there is an errant Windows Update that just recently came out, since many people are having this issue but there's no official hotfix.